The things I am best at.

Robotics Analysis & Design

Kinematics, dynamics and optimization

A picture of a parallel robot

Bearing Selection & Execution

Advanced fits and lubrication

A picture of a bearing

Engineering Software & Calculators

Tools to automate your engineering process.

A picture of a finite element wave


Some of the projects I have been involved in.

Fusion Demonstration Plant

A prototype fusion reactor to demonstrate that commercial power generation by fusion energy is viable.

Positioning System

A complete positioning system for performing antenna testing inside an anechoic test chamber.

Vibration Expander Head

Design and manufacture of an expander head for vibration testing with a footprint of ~1000L x 400W mm.

Bearing Analysis

An excel spreadsheet to guide bearing selection and fits, with consideration for differential thermal expansion.


Mechanical / Electromechanical Engineer with 11 years of professional experience.

  • Registered Professional Engineer in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Experienced in both technical and management roles, throughout all stages of the engineering process.
  • Drives analysis towards the synthesis of solutions that can meet the product requirements.
  • Exposure to a broad set of industries, including:
    • The design & build of the compression systems for a fusion power demonstration plant:
      YouTube: General Fusion: The Fusion Demonstration Plant
    • Mechanical design of electric rotary actuators for robots.
    • Satellite communcations equipment for the aerospace market.
    • Design and manufacture of bespoke offshore lifting appliances.


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